The Michigan Defense Center

From the Arsenal of Democracy to the Arsenal of Innovation
The state office tasked to protect and grow Michigan’s defense,
defense aerospace and homeland security missions and industries

Michigan Defense

$6.6 Billion Defense Contracts
155,000 Defense Related Jobs
$31 Billion Total Economic Activity

Protect & Grow Strategy

68.31% GRP Growth
42.68% Total Employment Growth
31.75% Salary Growth

MI Defense Industry

4,000 Defense Suppliers
1,000 Prime Contractors
17 Commands & Installations



4,000 Michigan businesses are currently serving the defense industry, and there’s room for more.  Find out how The Michigan Defense Center can connected you to important business opportunities 

Bid Targeting System

66,000 Companies in BTS
17,000 Bid Opportunities

Michigan Defense CyberSmart Program

Need Help Becoming Defense Cybersecurity Compliant?
Pre-Negotiated Rate of $1,500 for Complete Gap Analysis Report

Online Resource Guide

Comprehensive Resource Guide
50 Direct Contacts 

Proposal Writing Services

$450 Million Fed Contracts Awarded
84% Win Rate


Top universities, R&D facilities, defense OEM’s and a 4,000 member supply chain makes Michigan a defense industry leader

Top Talent

#1 Nationally in number of Engineers
4,000 member supply chain

Why Michigan

Top 10 Nationally in Aerospace Attractiveness
Top 10 Nationally for Corporate Expansion


From the innovation of the assembly line more than a century ago to game changing research in chemistry, life sciences, supply chain and mobility, Michigan has rooted innovation across industries.

Autonomy AI

Michigan is where the connected
car and the autonomous vehicle
were born and are nurtured.

Cybersecurity Success

Michigan has more unclassified
cyber nodes than any other
state in the nation.

Research & Development

Michigan is where the automotive
industry got its start

DOD/DHS in Michigan

U.S Army Contracting Command, PEOs, R&D and some of the largest National Guard facilities in the nation, anchor Michigan’s national security economy


19 U.S Coast Guard Stations
10 U.S Army Commands

DMVA / National Guard

700,000 Veterans Call Michigan Home
6 Air and Army Installations

Protect & Grow

The Michigan Defense Center is the lead voice on state and federal policy to protect and grow Michigan’s defense sector.

Legislative Influence

10 Member State Defense,  Aerospace Caucus

Michigan Strategic Plan

37 Statewide Partners
$3.7 Billion Growth in Contracts Under P&G