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About Michigan Defense Center

In 1941, President Roosevelt called on the men and women of Michigan and our industries to equip and support the nation and our allies as we faced the greatest threat up until that time. As the Arsenal of Democracy, our contributions helped the U.S. and our allies defeat our enemies. In the last 75 years, the enemy has changed, the battlefield has changed, but the Department of Defense continues to look to Michigan to produce the solutions to military needs and to provide the expertise to engage enemies around the globe. As the Arsenal of Innovation™, Michigan continues to provide our service members with the best and most innovative tools and solutions to ensure that their next deployment isn’t just a fair fight, but decidedly in our favor.

The Michigan Defense Center is an operation of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation focused on the support, protection and growth of Michigan ’s defense and homeland security missions and the Michigan businesses that support our nation’s security and our military ’s safety.

The Michigan Defense Center is the State of Michigan’s lead voice on the defense and homeland security economy and guides the state’s policies and programs to protect and grow this important sector of the economy. The MDC acts as a liaison between the state and defense interests in the federal government, defense agencies, the defense industry, academia and the defense community and supporting organizations.

Nearly 4,000 Michigan businesses are currently serving the defense industry and there’s room for more. The Michigan Defense Center has tools to help your Michigan business. Click through to find out more.