For the past ten years, Badenoch LLC of Southfield, Michigan has helped solve some of our nation’s largest problems in defense and energy.  Today, Badenoch is under contract with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to create radical solutions to the problems of vehicle design and human survivability.

During the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, the improvised explosive device (IED) caused many warfighters to return home with serious injuries, especially to their limbs and brain.  In 2004, Badenoch created a concept vehicle; known as the ULTRA that was a landmark in combat vehicle design.  The ULTRA pioneered many novel concepts, such as energy absorbing seats and floors, and a lightweight molded armor “crew pod”, that have become standards in all current military vehicles. Badenoch1

The ULTRA AP, is an example of what can be accomplished by Michigan companies. This vehicle was created for the Office of Naval Research as a survivable alternative to the HMMWV and was designed by Badenoch and built by a network of local Michigan suppliers in 5 months.

Another innovative technology created by Badenoch to increase survivability of soldiers, BEARS, Blast Event Analysis and Recording System, was created to record the effects of IED explosions on the vehicle and the warfighters in combat. “Surviving the high energy of explosions and the harsh environment of combat is the strength of BEARS,” says Scott Badenoch, CEO and founder. “Placing a sensitive instrument directly in the path of a blast and capturing the effects accurately makes BEARS a valuable tool for fighting traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The battlefield data collected from BEARS helps to inform Badenoch’s combat vehicle design business. “The more we know about blasts and their effect on warfighters, the better we can design the next-generation of combat vehicles.” claims Badenoch.


Badenoch capabilities include advanced high-performance computing and proprietary optimization software, known as the MOGA system, that allows optimization of design trade-offs between survivability, fuel economy, mobility and lifecycle costs. According to Badenoch, “We have a small, dedicated team with world-class tools. That’s what it takes to take on big problems with fresh thinking, agility and credibility. Our clients know that when we say something will work, we can back it up with hard data.”

The modeling and simulation capability is supported by special proving-ground capabilities including: blast testing, shockwave testing, and various methods of laboratory simulation of combat effects.

Badenoch LLC claims their success is a result of a network of suppliers with skills honed in Michigan’s auto industry, and the academic rigor of a great university system. “So much of what we need is available right here at home. To meet our client’s demanding requirements, we have established strong working relationships here at home and through a worldwide network of leading edge suppliers and research universities.”

The large prime defense contractors are a big part of Badenoch’s business. Badenoch LLC is an intellectual property company that creates and licenses next-generation, breakthrough designs that are transitioned to established prime companies to service and support the defense industry.


(Shown above: The Badenoch Vehicle Architecture designed for the Army’s TARDEC (Tank and Automotive Research Command) in Warren, Michigan.  The design incorporated new and novel methods to reduce weight and improve survivability.)

Badenoch LLC has also worked extensively in the sustainable energy field with national laboratories and high profile investment groups.  Projects have included concentrated solar power from Sandia National Labs, and a unique energy storage system now being commercialized by General Electric.