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2020-06-18 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Michigan Defense Center is launching the State of Michigan’s Protect and Grow 2.0 Strategic Plan. Building on the previous success of Protect and Grow, Protect and Grow 2.0 is bigger and deeper than the original and there is work to be done by the entire community. The Michigan Defense Center invites all community members to come together to find a part of the plan that they are passionate about and DO IT!

A kickoff event was scheduled for March 20, 2020 but has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The meeting on the 20th was intended as a call to action for all, and, even though we won't be meeting in person...the MDC invites everyone to engage and continue to move Michigan forward!
The MDC encourages all of our partners to review Protect and Grow 2.0 to prepare for the discussion on how your organization can support the states strategic plan.
Under the new strategy, partners engaged in projects that fit under P&G 2.0 may be eligible for MDC support in a variety of ways and will be invited to report their work at our quarterly meetings.

Some projects currently being pursued include Bid Targeting System NIST 800 updates and MDC Cybersecurity Compliance Program for Michigan Businesses- Dustin Frigy (P&G 2.0 Objectives 4, 5), Michigan National Guard Adjutant General: Innovation activities and other statewide projects- General Rogers (P&G 2.0 Objective 8), Robotics Collaboration Center- Vicky Rad (P&G 2.0 Objective 4), Marketing and promoting our statewide defense eco-system plan and proposal- Shelly Rood and Nikki Gordon (P&G 2.0 Objective 7), and Workforce Development initiatives - Brian Roberts (P&G 2.0 Objective 4).

Please, stay engaged, continue our work, and contact the Michigan Defense Center to discuss how you too can work with us on these important initiatives.

(586) 884-9327,