Dismay, anxiety, flexibility, sorrow, fear. Out of limitation comes creativity. Out of solitude can come reflection…it’s been quite a month, for everyone on earth, including you and I. But, this will end and we will get back to something that feels normal, and we will get back to our work and our colleagues and we will talk about it for a lifetime, but, we will move forward.

In this time of uncertainty and unparalleled need for businesses and individuals, Michigan is taking the lead. We are focusing this edition on providing you information you need now on the grants and loans offered through the Covid-19 Response Programs ordered by Governor Whitmer for Michigan Businesses. You will also find information from the Federal Office of Management and Budget which lays out possible provisions, contacts and guidelines that federal agencies can apply to federal contractors.

As the state of Michigan’s defense office, the Michigan Defense Center has developed various programs to clear some of the obstacles that you run into in pursuit of defense, defense aerospace and homeland security contracts.

  • Want to know what a contracting officer or supply chain manager sees about your company when deciding who gets the next contract? Need help finding the right federal contract to bid on? Check out the Bid Targeting System, a free online tool to help you, available only to Michigan companies.
  • Can’t afford a professional proposal writer? Visit the link for the Proposal Writing Services Grant program, funded and administered by the Michigan Defense Center to help you get that contract.
  • Check out the all new Michigan Defense Center Online Resource Guide. Whether you are a seasoned contractor or trying to figure out how to get started, you will find answers and valuable contacts in the most comprehensive online defense resource guide in the nation.

In future editions we will share all kinds of information, events, networks and resources that the Michigan Defense Center has developed to help you navigate the federal contracting landscape. We are looking forward to informing you about how the MDC works on behalf of the state of Michigan and you to increase this important sector of our economy and Protect and Grow our missions and industry!

Michigan has always led the way in dire times. As I write, Ford, GM and other Michigan companies are galvanized in modifying designs and assembly lines to create ventilator parts and masks. Michigan fabric suppliers and defense contractors are turning their talents toward the emergency sweeping the country. And, Michigan receives an “A” in a study that used our cell phone data to prove that Michiganders are, for the majority, staying home and staying safe which will hopefully lead to a decrease in infection and a swifter end to this international nightmare. As we did during WWII, Michigan is standing up and marching forward to meet the needs of our nation.

I’m proud to be an American, proud to be a Michigander and proud to be able to provide you with resources that will help you and your business recover.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know your challenges and successes in defense!

Vicki Selva
Executive Director
Michigan Defense Center

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