Opportunities are the theme for this month’s newsletter! We all have been struggling to stay safe, and stay solvent simultaneously through these trying times. But, now is the time to begin to look forward in our businesses and develop new strategies, seek out new customers and create new revenue streams,  and we hope the information in this communication will help.

On the right you will see that each month we leverage our Bid Targeting System (BTS) to highlight hot or new bid opportunities that fit into the capabilities of Michigan companies. We urge you to bid on these or other posted contracts that can be found in the BTS. Speaking of which, if you want to see how contracting officers score your company using publicly accessible information, sign up for the BTS webinar to learn how to utilize that information and the contract offerings  that match your company’s capabilities.

Also, in this edition we’ll recap the NDIA Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX) and the Advanced Program Briefings to Industry presented by every buying organization at the U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal held on May 20 and 21st. Because of the current COVID crisis, this newly renovated opportunities conference had to undergo even more changes to become a virtual event in only 3 weeks—but the great NDIA leadership and MDEX committee pulled it off, building a brand new web platform that showcased 60 Army speakers, defense exhibitors and sponsors, and even creatively  offered direct engagement between attendees, presenters and colleagues. Take a look at the article about V-MDEX and stop by to access recordings of the presentations and Army slide decks that will help you position your company to do business with Army Contracting Command, PEO CS&CSS, PEO GCS, Army Futures Command and GVSC for the next several years.

And if you need some help understanding how to capitalize on all of these opportunities, check in with your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTACs of Michigan) who have a video on the MDEX site to guide you in federal contracting.

Finally, we’ll look at the big picture opportunities presented to Michigan in our pursuit of recognition for the assets, talent and capabilities here in the state. Our design and engineering, R&D, and manufacturing is unmatched anywhere in the world, and the opportunities for the state and our companies in defense, defense aerospace and homeland security are boundless. This is why in 2016, the Michigan Defense Center initiated the first Protect & Grow strategic report that created a structure for the state to grow this sector. Last fall we undertook a comprehensive look at the state and matched our strengths to national security needs in a new version of the strategic plan and produced Protect and Grow 2.0. Please give it a read to better understand the role that you and your company or organization can play in Michigan’s success as we strive to provide opportunities to protect and grow our defense missions and industries.

As always, reach out and let us know what you’re working on and if this information is helpful to you!

Vicki Selva

Read Protect and Grow 2.0 Strategic Strategy Here