The Michigan Defense Center is tasked with protecting and growing the defense, defense aerospace and homeland security sectors of Michigan.  In the last several months we have witnessed how Michigan has once again marshalled the industrial might of our companies, large and small to fight an enemy, this time a silent and invisible one.

Michigan’s deep defense industrial base is used to providing needed tools and gear for men and women in uniform, and this time, they are serving a wider community of uniformed soldiers… Michigan National Guardsmembers, TSA workers, police, fire and medical personnel, and we thank them all.

In this edition, you will find a thank you note to those defense companies we were able to identify who, in addition to being deemed essential to the defense industry, retooled to manufacture or volunteered their stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other products and services to those men and women on the front lines of this fight. The companies listed connected their skills with the needs in the field through the Michigan Defense Center, local economic development organizations and the MEDC Pure Michigan Business Connect programs.

As this country and state begin to look toward the future and figure out how we’re going to continue our nation’s business in this new environment, we are hearing from Michigan companies that in some cases, remote work is working better than they thought it would.  Presentations and meeting are moving to webinars and virtual platforms. Will this be the new mode of business even after bans are lifted?

One example of the recognition of this new way to do things is the 11th annual NDIA Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX). The sold out MDEX2020 scheduled for May 20-21 was designed as a partnership between industry and the U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal with every command at the Arsenal presenting what they will be buying for the next few years. Exhibitors, sponsors, panels and presenters and 3,000 attendees were geared up to attend to grow their businesses, meet one-on-one with the buyers and each other and to learn of which products and services the Army will be spending their budget.

Good news! Click on the V-MDEX block on this page to find out how the National Defense Industrial Association is taking this whole show virtual, exhibitors, presentations and even networking opportunities—A great opportunity for Michigan companies to learn about future buying and to showcase your capabilities in this crazy environment.

The Michigan Defense Center is the state’s official connection to the defense industry and community and we continue to strive to provide you with the resources and news that will protect and grow your business and strengthen the State of Michigan. We hope the information we bring you every month and on our website: is helpful and interesting and we wish you, your colleagues and families, good health and good fortune!

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Vicki Selva
Executive Director
Michigan Defense Center