The Michigan Defense Center launched the State of Michigan’s Protect and Grow 2.0 Strategic Plan earlier this year.  Building on the previous success of first Protect and Grow Initiative, Protect and Grow 2.0 is a comprehensive look at Michigan’s assets and strong suits and aligns our capabilities with the U.S. National Security Strategy to lay a map for projects and funding to move Michigan’s defense missions and industries forward. The Michigan Defense Center will continue to work with their community partners around the state to coordinate their efforts into the larger vision for the state. This strategy drives unity of effort and assists community partners in accomplishing their objectives.

Some projects being pursued by community partners around the state and supported by the Defense Center and community partners include the all new Michigan Defense Center CyberSecurity Compliance Program for Michigan businesses, Michigan National Guard innovation activities and other statewide projects, the Macomb County Robotics Collaboration Center, marketing and promoting our statewide defense eco-system, workforce development initiatives and more!

Please, stay engaged with the programs and projects that benefit Michigan’s defense eco-system by checking in on our website Contact the Michigan Defense Center to discuss how you too can work with us on important initiatives and keep an eye on future communications to learn more. 

Read Protect and Grow 2.0 Strategic Plan Here

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