LIFT To Launch $3 Million Hypersonics Challenge in Partnership with Department of Defense

Challenge to invite industry to provide solutions in materials and manufacturing of hypersonic vehicle systems.


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Attention: Organizations with advanced manufacturing/R&D capabilities and a need for speed: LIFT, the Detroit-based, Department of Defense-supported national manufacturing innovation institute, in partnership with the Department of Defense, is preparing to issue a major hypersonics development challenge for the U.S. manufacturing industrial sector.

Operating at speeds of Mach 5 or higher, hypersonic and counter-hypersonic vehicles are among the Department of Defense’s top priorities, including developing a safe and secure domestic supply base. The Hypersonics Challenge is a call for project proposals on three specific topics dealing with the materials and manufacture of hypersonic vehicles, including:

• Hypersonics Modeling & Simulation, including: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME);

• Advanced Manufacturing Methods for Quality and Production, and;

• Advanced Manufacturing for High Temperature Composites.

Companies whose project challenge proposals are chosen will be provided up to $1 million for project development – not including cost-share, which is encouraged, but not required.

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