The Michigan Defense Center is the state of Michigan office tasked to protect and grow the state’s defense, defense aerospace missions and industries.

Part of what we do is offer programs, resources and grants to assist Michigan companies navigate the complexities of defense/federal contracting.

One of the most daunting regulations facing Michigan defense and supply chain business are the new federal cybersecurity requirements that need to be met to keep your contracts or to pursue new defense business. The Michigan Defense Center is building a program that we think will help by standardizing the initial costs and the regulation process to make it easier for you to become compliant.

However, first we need your help to understand how these regulations are affecting you and where we can best add value. The need to make our companies and computer systems secure from hackers and other bad actors is understandable, but we know that the regulations to do so can be burdensome.

To better understand where Michigan companies currently stand with cybersecurity compliance, the Michigan Defense Center will be sending out a cybersecurity survey to federal contractors in June. Your answers will help in creating resources and opportunities for your business to remain competitive in the Defense Industry. We will follow up with you in the coming months to invite you to learn more about the programs we will be offering.