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Michigan’s Increasing Defense Revenue

Michigan’s defense contracts have increased $1.6 billion from Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2018.  $5.4 billion in defense contracts went to Michigan companies in FY18.

Michigan is trending upward and has continued to increase its number of contracts since 2015, the year the state implemented its first Protect and Grow Strategic Plan.

As stated in the MDC’s Protect and Grow Fall 2019 Progress Report, “Increased investment will not only improve Michigan’s ranking, but also further bolster the state’s defense economy. With increased defense funding, Michigan can increase the importance of our installations to the DoD, reduce their operating costs, diversify the state’s economy, and offer good paying defense industry and related jobs.”

Michigan Thanks The Defense Contractors That Provide Products and Services To The Fight Against Covid-19

Thank you to those Michigan defense companies we identified, who, in addition to being deemed essential to the defense industry, retooled to manufacture or volunteered their stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other products and services to those men and women on the front lines of this fight. The companies listed connected their skills with the needs in the field through the Michigan Defense Center, local economic development organizations and the MEDC Pure Michigan Business Connect programs.


Bid Opportunity of the Month – May 2020


NOTE: The listed opportunities were either sources sought or pre-solicitation and that is why they are “expired.”  All are due out in the next 30-90 days.

Department of Defense – Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Information
Solicitation: PANWRN-19-P-0000-004112
Primary NAICS Code: 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Status: Pre-Solicitation Original Date Offers Due: Jan 30, 2019 01:00 pm EST
Next Steps: The pre-solicitation ended in January and the solicitation will be out in May 2020.

Summary:  Technical Requirements: The United States Army Contracting Command -Warren (ACC-WRN) located in Warren, MI is conducting an industry survey to locate interested sources able to provide a broad range of small project construction, repair, maintenance, and bid-build on real property under a Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP), single award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Job Order Contract (JOC) at the Detroit Arsenal (DTA).

This Request for Information (RFI) Notice is for market research and for consideration in acquisition planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a solicitation or as an obligation on the part of ACC-WRN. The purpose of this notice is to identify potential sources that may be interested in and capable of performing the work described herein. ACC-WRN will not respond to questions received from industry at this time.

Responses to this RFI are not considered offers and will not be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract, nor otherwise pay for the preparation of any information submitted, nor will respondents be notified of ACC-WRN’s review of the information received. Respondents should not submit any proprietary information when responding to this RFI. The Government will not return any information submitted in response to this RFI. Respondents must submit capability statements that clearly define the firm’s ability to perform the work stated in this RFI.

Interested sources shall provide all feedback via email to the Point of Contact (POC) listed below no later than 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), on 30 January 2018.


View full opportunity here:

Search more opportunities at

From the Executive Director Vicki Selva – May 2020


The Michigan Defense Center is tasked with protecting and growing the defense, defense aerospace and homeland security sectors of Michigan.  In the last several months we have witnessed how Michigan has once again marshalled the industrial might of our companies, large and small to fight an enemy, this time a silent and invisible one.

Michigan’s deep defense industrial base is used to providing needed tools and gear for men and women in uniform, and this time, they are serving a wider community of uniformed soldiers… Michigan National Guardsmembers, TSA workers, police, fire and medical personnel, and we thank them all.

In this edition, you will find a thank you note to those defense companies we were able to identify who, in addition to being deemed essential to the defense industry, retooled to manufacture or volunteered their stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other products and services to those men and women on the front lines of this fight. The companies listed connected their skills with the needs in the field through the Michigan Defense Center, local economic development organizations and the MEDC Pure Michigan Business Connect programs.

As this country and state begin to look toward the future and figure out how we’re going to continue our nation’s business in this new environment, we are hearing from Michigan companies that in some cases, remote work is working better than they thought it would.  Presentations and meeting are moving to webinars and virtual platforms. Will this be the new mode of business even after bans are lifted?

One example of the recognition of this new way to do things is the 11th annual NDIA Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX). The sold out MDEX2020 scheduled for May 20-21 was designed as a partnership between industry and the U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal with every command at the Arsenal presenting what they will be buying for the next few years. Exhibitors, sponsors, panels and presenters and 3,000 attendees were geared up to attend to grow their businesses, meet one-on-one with the buyers and each other and to learn of which products and services the Army will be spending their budget.

Good news! Click on the V-MDEX block on this page to find out how the National Defense Industrial Association is taking this whole show virtual, exhibitors, presentations and even networking opportunities—A great opportunity for Michigan companies to learn about future buying and to showcase your capabilities in this crazy environment.

The Michigan Defense Center is the state’s official connection to the defense industry and community and we continue to strive to provide you with the resources and news that will protect and grow your business and strengthen the State of Michigan. We hope the information we bring you every month and on our website: is helpful and interesting and we wish you, your colleagues and families, good health and good fortune!

Let us know how we’re doing at

Vicki Selva
Executive Director
Michigan Defense Center

Bid Opportunity of the Month – April 2020


Through this Request for Information (RFI), Michigan National Guard is actively seeking businesses qualified to provide construction-related services for two military installations; Alpena CRTC and Selfridge ANGB. This is a great opportunity to engage very early in the procurement process and the solicitation is relatively easy to respond to.

Hangar Construction Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) – Michigan Air National Guard (Alpena CRTC and Selfridge ANGB MI)

Solicitation #W50S85-20-R-0003 

Primary NAICS Code: 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction size standard of $39.5M.

Summary: The Michigan Air National Guard Consolidated Contracting (MACC) at Selfridge Air National Guard Base intends to acquire a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for hangar construction    services in support of the National Guard activities in the State of Michigan, in 2020.   These contacts will consist of a five-year base award period. The total contract period shall not exceed five calendar years and six months. The Government intends to award three contract vehicles and award not less than five individual task orders. 

More Info LINK:

Search more opportunities at

Michigan COVID-19 Relief Programs

New funding, tools available for Michigan’s small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Grants & Loans Available

The Michigan Small Business Relief Program will provide up to $20 million in support for small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. The funding is divided between $10 million in small business grants and $10 million in small business loans to support businesses facing drastic reductions in cash flow and the continued support of their workforce. Funds for the program are expected to be available no later than April 1, 2020.  For more details visit:

Pure Michigan Business Connect updates virtual, statewide matchmaking platform for critical COVID-19 response efforts

Applications for Small Business grants and loans are now OPEN!

View full press release here.

PMBC is looking for both buyers and suppliers of critical health & human service supplies across a broad range of product categories.

Start here:
Questions may be sent to

The Press Release below provides details, please also visit:

View Press Release
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PressRelease_Applications for SB grants and loans are open”]

From the Executive Director Vicki Selva – April 2020


Dismay, anxiety, flexibility, sorrow, fear. Out of limitation comes creativity. Out of solitude can come reflection…it’s been quite a month, for everyone on earth, including you and I. But, this will end and we will get back to something that feels normal, and we will get back to our work and our colleagues and we will talk about it for a lifetime, but, we will move forward.

In this time of uncertainty and unparalleled need for businesses and individuals, Michigan is taking the lead. We are focusing this edition on providing you information you need now on the grants and loans offered through the Covid-19 Response Programs ordered by Governor Whitmer for Michigan Businesses. You will also find information from the Federal Office of Management and Budget which lays out possible provisions, contacts and guidelines that federal agencies can apply to federal contractors.

As the state of Michigan’s defense office, the Michigan Defense Center has developed various programs to clear some of the obstacles that you run into in pursuit of defense, defense aerospace and homeland security contracts.

  • Want to know what a contracting officer or supply chain manager sees about your company when deciding who gets the next contract? Need help finding the right federal contract to bid on? Check out the Bid Targeting System, a free online tool to help you, available only to Michigan companies.
  • Can’t afford a professional proposal writer? Visit the link for the Proposal Writing Services Grant program, funded and administered by the Michigan Defense Center to help you get that contract.
  • Check out the all new Michigan Defense Center Online Resource Guide. Whether you are a seasoned contractor or trying to figure out how to get started, you will find answers and valuable contacts in the most comprehensive online defense resource guide in the nation.

In future editions we will share all kinds of information, events, networks and resources that the Michigan Defense Center has developed to help you navigate the federal contracting landscape. We are looking forward to informing you about how the MDC works on behalf of the state of Michigan and you to increase this important sector of our economy and Protect and Grow our missions and industry!

Michigan has always led the way in dire times. As I write, Ford, GM and other Michigan companies are galvanized in modifying designs and assembly lines to create ventilator parts and masks. Michigan fabric suppliers and defense contractors are turning their talents toward the emergency sweeping the country. And, Michigan receives an “A” in a study that used our cell phone data to prove that Michiganders are, for the majority, staying home and staying safe which will hopefully lead to a decrease in infection and a swifter end to this international nightmare. As we did during WWII, Michigan is standing up and marching forward to meet the needs of our nation.

I’m proud to be an American, proud to be a Michigander and proud to be able to provide you with resources that will help you and your business recover.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know your challenges and successes in defense!

Vicki Selva
Executive Director
Michigan Defense Center

For comments, please email

Next Generation Computing Power

Next Generation Computing Power

RAVE Computer in Sterling Heights, Michigan is rated best in the industry because of their training and innovative learning.  RAVE’s cutting-edge product development department has its own engineering lab where masterful computer technology solutions are configured in new, innovative ways.  In addition, product engineers have a focus on innovation, creating unique systems that are consistently smaller, lighter, faster and optimized for high performance.

This is the reason that RAVE was invited by the Michigan Defense Center to showcase their company and innovation to the Michigan Congressional Delegation in Washington DC recently.

“RAVE is exactly the type of forward leaning, cutting-edge company that is meeting the emerging needs of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.  The Michigan Defense Center is proud to offer Michigan companies like RAVE opportunities to highlight their capabilities to Congressional, Department of Defense and Industry leaders whenever possible.” said, Vicki Selva, Deputy Director for the Michigan Defense Center.

Rick Darter, CEO of RAVE commented, “I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Congressional Members who attended and their awareness and commitment to Michigan’s Defense Industry.  This, in contrast to even a few years ago, when the goal was to simply create awareness of the industry. Kudo’s to the Michigan Defense Center for hosting this quality event.  I would certainly support this effort again in the future.”

Founded in 1988, RAVE Computer is a technology consultant and computer manufacturer providing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom engineered solutions optimized to specific customer requirements.  RAVE builds and modifies standard computer systems to develop fully custom integration solutions, supports military’s Modeling, Simulation and Training, and C4ISR and Rugged real world missions.

In June of 2017 RAVE was named the 2017 Partner of the Year by Intel Corporation for its innovation of the Mobilbeast VR computer.  RAVE won in the PC Client Platform category.

CEO Rick Darter is an important member of the defense community. As a Director of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Rick chairs the chapter’s STEM program, sponsors and supports the Michigan Defense Expo (MDEX) and takes a leadership role in conferences and promotion of the emerging Modeling and Simulation markets and industry.

Pictured in the image above: Jake Tatel, Director of OSC Americas – Intel; Greg Baur, VP SMG & Regional Sales, GM Americas – Intel; Sara Blackmer, Vice President / General Manager – RAVE Computer; Karl Rosenberger, Director of Prod. Development – RAVE Computer; Ricardo Moreno, VP – SMG, WW Programs – Intel; Rick Darter, CEO & President – RAVE Computer.

To learn more about RAVE Computer:

WID Horizon Award

WID Horizon Award

The 2017 Women In Defense (WID) Horizon Award was awarded to Michigan Defense Center Deputy Executive Director Vicki Selva for her unrelenting work to protect and grow Michigan’s defense industry, assets and community.

Michigan Defense Center Executive Director Sean Carlson nominated Vicki by saying, “There is no man or woman in the defense industry over the last 15 years that has had a bigger impact on the Defense Industry across Michigan.  There have been great leaders who represent Michigan defense contractors, key state and Congressional leaders to sponsor and fund major defense initiatives.  We also have key and important small business leaders that are in the trenches creating defense jobs in Michigan.  But there is only one person, that I know, that intersects with all of those key leaders to make a meaningful impact in the defense industry and that person happens to be a woman named Vicki Selva”

For over 25 years, Vicki has worked closely with National and global companies GM, Ford, Chrysler and DoD Prime Contractors, hundreds of small Michigan businesses, as well as local and state government officials to communicate their needs and message leading to millions of dollars in grant and appropriation awards, contracts and successful partnerships.  When asked about Vicki’s benefit to the Michigan Defense Center, Sean said “Vicki’s leadership, focus, service before self and commitment to the defense industry has benefited not only the Michigan Defense Center, but also the NDIA, AUSA, and WID organizations.”

Lee Thomas, Fox 2 News, Vicky Rad, WID Pres., Vicki Selva, Karen Arondoski, IF Metalworks

“It is a great honor to be recognized by your colleagues.  This award is a confirmation of my work to advocate for the men and women who serve our nation and those in Michigan industry who go to work every day to make sure that our servicemen and women have the best protection and tools in the world.” said the Awardee.



About Vicki Selva

In 2013, Vicki Selva was named Deputy Executive Director for the Michigan Defense Center, an operation of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the State of Michigan’s economic development agency.

As an architect of the State of Michigan’s “Protect and Grow Initiative; a defense economic strategy”, Selva has changed the way Michigan supports the state’s defense assets, industries and communities. Selva and MDC Director Carlson manage this initiative along with dozens of economic development projects contributing to Michigan success in the defense sector.

During her many years as a recognized business and community leader and her nearly decade of service as Regional Director and Campaign Manager to U.S. Senator and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, Carl Levin, Vicki Selva built important relationships and connections with Michigan’s business and defense Communities.

Vicki has been Advisor to the National Defense Industry Association-Michigan Board of Directors as well has served as NDIA’s Communication Director.  Selva also volunteers as a Michigan Defense Expo Planner, Communications Chair and Sponsorship Director and is a Mentor with the Women in Defense Association and is a member of the Association of U.S. Army.

About the Award

The networking and professional development organization presented the Horizon Industry Awards at its ninth annual event at the Royal Park Hotel.  Women In Defense Michigan established the Horizon Industry Awards to recognize defense and national security professionals who distinguish themselves in their field and help their organizations achieve critical business objectives and goals.  Crain’s Detroit Busines s has been an avid supporter and sponsored the awards each year.