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Let the Bid Targeting System (BTS) find the right federal contract opportunities for your business. Grant funding is available to help you write a winning proposal.

The Bid Targeting System (BTS) **hotlink “Bid Targeting System (BTS)” with** is an online tool developed by the Michigan Defense Center and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) that is designed to make your pursuit of federal contracts more effective. There are even grant dollars available to your company through the Michigan Defense Center’s Proposal Writing Services grant program, which can help fund the development of a winning federal contract proposal! Features and benefits of the BTS include:


·       Prioritize bid opportunities with custom search filters and criteria weights
·       Automatically match your firm with top bidding opportunities
·       Receive daily email notifications of new bid opportunities
·       Save and manage your favorite bid opportunities with total user control
·       Custom and standard reports, including company specific “Firm Report”
·       Multiple search features: NAICS, Region, SBA Program, Bid Due Date
·       Extracts & integrates business intelligence from various sources
·       Grant funding available to hire professional bid writers

·       Personally manage your bid opportunity search profile
·       Save time and money pursuing federal bids
·       Develop a practical roadmap to becoming a successful federal contractor by leveraging information from multiple sources
·       Understand your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, the same that federal buyers are seeing
·       Customize strategies to improve score and grow your business faster
·       More informed business decision-making on pursuing federal bids

The Michigan Defense Center hosts free 60-minute online demonstrations and Q&A sessions on BTS for Michigan companies. We cover topics like how to efficiently navigate the site and find federal contract opportunities, explore various features, as well as answer your questions. If you are interested in an online demo, check the Michigan Defense Center calendar below for scheduled sessions, and RSVP by emailing the Developer Team at Bid Targeting System 

International Landing Zone

If you are a foreign company looking to land lucrative Defense and Homeland Security contracts, consider applying for the International Landing Zone (ILZ) program.

Situated at the Michigan Defense Center and within Michigan’s defense corridor, the ILZ provides space for international companies interested in exploring the feasibility of opening or expanding operations in the United States.

The ILZ can help your company:

  • Meet potential customers
  • Gain access to mentors and industry experts
  • Expand and extend contractor relationships
  • Explore adjacent industrial sectors
Internal-Landing-Zone-a Enjoy physical space benefits, including:

  • Co-located with the Michigan Defense Center
  • Well-appointed office with full suite of amenities and support, including phone and mailbox
  • Dedicated meeting and training rooms
  • Access to local training and workshops
  • Large printers
  • Videoconferencing technology

Application Process:

Click here to access the online application.

Companies that submit successful applications will be invited to conduct an interview with the Michigan Defense Center team and key partners.

Step 1 Submit a completed application to determine eligibility at the Michigan Defense Center’s International Landing Zone.

Step 2 The Michigan Defense Center directors and key partners will invite successful applicants to participate in an interview.

Step 3 Applicants who have successfully completed both the application and the interview will be notified of admission to the ILZ within five business days. Companies selected to locate to the International Landing Zone will be invited to move in to their designated space for a six-month period.

Michigan Cyber Range: Test. Teach. Train.

Michigan is where the worlds of commercial auto, military vehicles, robotics and aerospace align. Here, R&D, talent and testing come together in a symbiotic relationship and cyber is the link between these vehicles of the future.

Vehicles are no longer just steel and rubber but platforms for complicated and interconnected communications and computers. Commercial vehicles currently have up to 200 million lines of code that must be tested and protected. Autonomy is no longer a futuristic dream. Their reality requires protecting these systems; that’s where the Michigan Cyber Range (MCR) comes into play.

An unclassified, private cloud operated by Merit, the MCR delivers cybersecurity classes and exercises and enables product development and testing to clients and Merit members across the nation and throughout the world.

Michigan has more unclassified cyber hubs than any other state in the nation, making us the “go to” place for students, workforce professionals, academia and government to test their skills through various hacking exercises. Via these cyber hubs, these entities are able to gain educational experience, and validate the security of software technologies and perform penetration testing on their networks.

Learn more about Michigan’s Cyber Hubs


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