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July 19 - July 25
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    Industry 4.0 In Focus Episode 02: 5G: A Manufacturing Game-Changer

    9:00 am-9:30 am

    Automation Alley’s 2020 Technology in Industry Reveal Goes Virtual
    Industry 4.0 in Focus: A Livestream Series

    Automation Alley’s Technology in Industry Reveal is going virtual for 2020! Join us this summer, beginning July 13, as we debut Automation Alley’s 2020 Technology in Industry Report, titled Industry 4.0 in Focus, and launch a livestream series featuring Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly and the report’s key contributors from industry and academia as they break down the report’s emerging technology trends, case studies and action items for industry.

    As we enter a new decade, the opportunities associated with Industry 4.0 are enormous. 5G technology will unlock the bandwidth to make Industry 4.0 truly possible, collaborative robots will become more agile and configurable and artificial intelligence will continue to become more sophisticated. While these rapid technological advancements provide manufacturers with great opportunities for growth, 2020 is also a time of profound uncertainty for business leaders and the global workforce as we face new challenges around the enormous amounts of data we are collecting, disruptive and sophisticated cyber threats and the impact and fallout of coronavirus, the worst pandemic of our lifetimes.

    Join us as we address these most pressing challenges—as well as the greatest opportunities—impacting the business world today. How should companies prepare in 2020 and beyond for the digital transformation and position themselves for long-term strategic success?

    EP02: 5G: A Manufacturing Game-Changer
    Join Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly for Episode 2 of Industry 4.0 in Focus as he has a virtual conversation with Automation Alley 2020 Technology in Industry Report contributors Dr. Anca Sala, the dean of the College of Engineering at Baker College, and Dr. Patricia Chatman, the dean of Henry Ford College’s School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development, as they break down 5G technology, its impact on manufacturing and its potential to truly unlock the power of Industry 4.0.

    Register now for this free livestream-only event! Registration is not required, but highly encouraged. As an added bonus for registering, you will receive the link to join the Zoom webinar directly where you will be able to ask questions and interact with our guests.

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    CyberTruck Challenge

    All day

    Welcome to the CyberTruck Challenge

    The CyberTruck Challenge is a premier event to bring together a community of interest related to heavy vehicle cybersecurity issues and develop talent to address those challenges.

    Plans for 2020
    Save the Date for the 4th Annual CyberTruck Challenge
    June 21-26, 2020 in Warren, MI

    Please sign up by May 1st on the registration page to request an invitation. Students must decode a CAN log, answer two questions about our mission, and provide contact information for a professional reference.

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    Bid Targeting System (BTS) Online Software Demo

    1:00 pm-2:00 pm

    The Michigan Defense Center hosts free 60-minute online demonstrations and Q&A sessions on BTS for Michigan companies. We cover topics like how to efficiently navigate the site and find federal contract opportunities, explore various features, as well as answer your questions. If you are interested in an online demo, check the Michigan Defense Center calendar below for scheduled sessions, and RSVP by emailing the Developer Team at Bid Targeting System

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