Michigan Defense Center Partners for Success!

Michigan is a big state and the defense economy is huge with nearly 4000 defense contractors, over 50,000 jobs related to defense and $3.3 Billion in DoD prime contracts to Michigan companies (not even including tier 2 and 3 suppliers!). In order to coordinate the message for this important part of the economy and to provide services, resources and opportunities in an effective way, the MDC partners with important strategic organizations, regional and local governments and a variety of dynamic contractors.




Macomb County is an integral player in this market. Macomb is the home to approximately 80% of Michigan’s defense industry as well as the major military assets of the Detroit Arsenal (TACOM, TARDEC, Army Contracting Command, PEOs, Robotics…) and Selfridge Air National Guard Base.
The Michigan Defense Center has been proud to team with Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and his exceptional leadership team and economic developers to initiate new projects that benefit Michigan businesses and residents. On March 11, Executive Hackel recognized MEDC VP Sean Carlson and MDC Executive Consultant Vicki Selva for their leadership in these efforts.
The Michigan Defense Center International Landing Zone
With Macomb County’s ingenuity and administration and the Michigan Defense Center’s resources and funding, the MDC at the Velocity Center in Sterling Heights will become the International Landing Zone, a program that has recruited and vetted 4 international (NATO allied) companies to bed down in Macomb County and launch their companies here locally.

ILZ clients will receive 6 months free rent at Velocity as well as access to the same services and resources that the Macomb-OU INCubator provides to start-up companies. In addition, these guest companies will have the services of a business consultant and the guidance and resources of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and regional entities.


Companies were chosen for their interest and projected ability to expand, settle permanently in Macomb County and create local jobs at the end of their 6 month grant period, making way for 4 more international companies to “make Macomb their home”.Macomb County and the MDC will be launching the ILZ and introducing the 2015 chosen companies in April.

Michigan Automated Systems Collaborative (MASC)

Macomb County is also leading the charge in building a state-wide collaborative to identify and coordinate robotics resources and those doing business in this growing field. Whether in defense, advanced manufacturing or automotive, today, robotics are being utilized in every facet of innovation and manufacturing. Headquarters to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies as well as being the global hub for engineering research and development, Michigan is the perfect environment to build and enhance this important collaborative effort.

PTACs of Michigan

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) are the boots on the ground for the Michigan Defense Center and Michigan businesses wanting to get the edge in federal and state contracting.A federal program, the PTACs of Michigan are funded jointly by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Michigan Defense Center/MEDC and local hosting organizations including economic development agencies and community colleges throughout Michigan.


New this Year: The MDC is proud to announce new programs with PTACs of Michigan.

Bid Targeting System (BTS)
The BTS is a proprietary software program designed by the MDC and administered by PTACs to help Michigan companies understand how contracting officers view their credentials as well as matching open and future contracting opportunities directly with your company’s strengths. This new program is up and running, contact your local PTAC to find out your score! www.ptacsofmichigan.org
Bid Writing Grant A companion program to the BTS, this grant is awarded to companies who score high against an open contract opportunity. When BTS identifies your company as a competitive bidder to the posted opportunity, you can receive up to a $10,000 50/50 match to use with an approved bid writing service to help you get that contract you truly deserve. Developed and fully funded by the Michigan Defense Center, your local PTAC can provide more information.