Protect and Grow: Michigan’s Future in Defense

“Protect and Grow” developed and lead by the MEDC’s Michigan Defense Center is the state’s strategic plan to protect the many military assets and missions here in the state while growing the industry and potential for new missions.

In June 2016, The Michigan Defense Center introduced the plan to much fanfare at the Mackinac Policy Conference, the first time defense interests have been recognized in this important public and government forum.

The Protect and Grow Initiative has provided a common set of facts and goals that has coordinated local, state and federal stakeholders and leaders to invest funds and effort into this important sector that employs 108,000 Michiganders and pours over $10 Billion into our state economy.

In fact, the Michigan legislature has proudly supported the defense assets in our state and showed their interest in investing in Michigan’s share of national security by putting $3 million into the FY17 state budget to accomplish the objectives outlined in the plan. The MDC is honoring this show of support by leveraging these funds to gain other federal and local grants to turn the $3 million dollar investment to $5 million to protect and grow this sector. All of these funds are used to move the P&G recommendations forward, none of this funding is used for operational costs.

Check out the first year status report!

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