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Michigan Defense Center/Protect and Grow

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Michigan Defense Center/Protect and Grow

Michigan Defense Center / Protect and Grow

The Michigan Defense Center is an operation of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation focused on the support, protection and growth of Michigan’s defense and homeland security missions and the Michigan businesses that support our nation’s security and our military’s safety.

The Michigan Defense Center is the State of Michigan’s lead voice on the defense and homeland security economy and guides the state’s policies and programs to protect and grow this important sector of the economy. The MDC acts as a liaison between the state and defense interests in the federal government, defense agencies, the defense industry, academia and the defense community and supporting organizations.

Nearly 4,000 Michigan businesses are currently serving the defense industry and there’s room for more. Companies are getting involved in a range of projects, including information technology solutions, construction services and generating energy-saving ideas that can be applied in the field.

Find out how Michigan and the Michigan Defense Center can get you connected to these important business opportunities.

Protect and Grow

The Michigan Defense Center leads the state’s Protect and Grow Initiative, a comprehensive statewide effort to protect Michigan’s federal and state military facilities and missions while growing assets, missions and opportunities for Michigan companies in the cutting-edge emerging markets needed by our nation’s defense agencies.

For a comprehensive strategy around our Protect and Grow initiative, click here.

Michigan’s ranking on the rise

The impact the Protect & Grow strategy has had on Michigan’s state ranking for defense funding is significant. In 2016 the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment (DOD-OEA) reported that Michigan ranked 33 out of 50 states. By 2019, Michigan moved up five spots and is now ranked 28.

To view Fall 2019 Progress Report click here.

Bid Targeting System (BTS)—Exclusively in Michigan

The MDC is your best ally when it comes to determining the contracts that best fit your company’s capabilities and to help you bid on them. The Bid Targeting System, developed by MDC exclusively for Michigan companies, provides business intelligence support to help companies better assess which contracting opportunities to pursue, as well as keep track of the status of current and past bids. The Michigan Defense Center is an operation of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Our BTS aids your company by:

  • More clearly identifying contracts suitable for your company, improving your success rate
  • Providing you with a report detailing what federal and state contracting officers consider your company’s strengths and weaknesses and suggesting actions to strengthen your score

Register by clicking here.

Bid Writing / Grant Proposals

Every year, DoD awards billions of dollars in contracts to hundreds of Michigan businesses, supporting more than 100,000 jobs. To help your company get its share, MDC offers grants to assist Michigan companies in writing a bid response to DoD and DHS contract opportunities.

Grants are available for 50% (up to $10,000) of the cost required to hire a pre-qualified bid-writing firm.

For more information, visit www.bidtarget.org.

MEDC Resources

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is transforming the state’s economy by growing and attracting business, retaining talented residents and revitalizing our urban centers.

Michigan’s business climate is stronger than ever. Nearly two-thirds of Michigan businesses surveyed describe the state as having a positive business climate and would promote Michigan as a place to start a business. The state is ranked as a Top 10 Pro-Business State and as a Top 10 state for major new and expanded corporate facilities.

Michigan’s competitiveness is due in part to the simple, fair and efficient 6 percent corporate tax, and the elimination of industrial personal property taxes that will cut $372 million for small businesses by 2020.

Michigan provides millions of dollars in support each year for business expansions and growth through its resources, incentives and loans. Entrepreneurs and startups also have access to business services and financial support through MEDC’s SmartZones and business incubators, each anchored by an academic institution.

For more information, click here.

Statewide Resources

 PTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) representatives offer a wide range of services to Michigan companies interested in exploring defense opportunities though one-on-one counseling, bid matching, proposal preparation and follow-on services.  PTAC_Logo
 Engineering Society of Detroit: http://ww2.esd.org/home.htm  ESD
Society of Automotive Engineers: https://www.sae.org/ SAE_International_Logo_R_2015_med

Company Testimonials


Quote 1“Located in the heart of the Defense Corridor in Macomb County in Southeast Michigan, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) is a leader in designing state-of-the-art combat vehicles, systems, and solutions for the U.S. military and their allies around the globe. 

With a focus on investing in continued innovation, GDLS’ Maneuver Collaboration Center (mc2offers a virtual environment and a physical facility focused on community outreach to collaborate to find industry-leading, revolutionary solutions. 

The proximity to our customers at the U.S. Army’s Detroit Arsenal, partners and suppliers as well as the State of Michigan’s Defense Center has fostered a collaborative and cooperative relationship to work closely together to define and address future Defense-related challenges and needs, such as input and representation for the Protect & Grow initiative, the launch of a cyber hub, and support to on-going STEM initiatives. Quote 2

” –General Dynamics Land Systems