Does your company have a great idea to solve the Army’s need for an off-road active suspension system?  This could be your year! The Department of Defense (DoD), through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program has announced over 400 topics as part of their 2014.1 release. The Topics are open for response until January 22, 2014.

The competitive program provides funding for feasibility studies through prototype development, funding levels begin at $100K. Learn more here.

8 components of DoD are participating, including the Army with 12 topics coming from Warren based TARDEC and TACOM LCMC.

The TACOM Topics (Army 61-64) are for the following areas:

  • An off road active suspension system
  • Sensors to support mobile wastewater treatment
  • A high voltage pulse forming network capacitor
  • Hot stamping of armor.

The TARDEC Topics (Army 73-80) cover:

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Thermal signature analysis
  • Better simulation design applications
  • Sulfur tolerant JP-8 reformer
  • Adaptive inter-cylinder output balancing
  • Improved interior trim materials
  • Polymers to improve transparent armors
  • Improvements with lateral control of driverless vehicles, right in the wheelhouse of Michigan’s impressive talent pool.

The Michigan Defense Center has examined all topics from the Department of Defense as part of the 2014.1 release and has gathered automotive and vehicle centric topics into one document. To receive the Michigan Defense Center’s synopsis of topics, email us:


The DoD SBIR Program has three phases.

  • Phase one is a six-month feasibility study determining the validity of the concept proposed.
  • Companies may then be awarded a two-year Phase Two award that would allow them to develop a prototype.
  • Phase Three has no program funding but is focused on commercialization. Companies are strongly encouraged to consider all three phases before responding. Having commercial partners in place as early as possible goes a long way to having a successful project.

You can learn more or apply by clicking here.

The Michigan Defense Center is your resource center and the State of Michigan offers you assistant in two important ways. Michigan-based companies can get training on the SBIR/STTR program (for all agencies) through BBC Etc. a company located in Ann Arbor, expert in SBIR submissions and contracted by the State to provide training sessions proven to greatly increase responder’s odds of getting an award. There is also a matching fund administered by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for Michigan companies responding to the grant. The Emerging Technology Fund provides up to $25K for phase one projects and up to $125K for a phase two project.

Contact your local Procurement Technical Assistant Center (PTAC) or the Michigan Defense Center for assistance with these opportunities.

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