On June 18, 2020 the Michigan Defense Center (MDC) held a virtual Community Discussion on the state of Michigan’s Protect and Grow 2.0 Defense Strategic Plan.  Protect and Grow Strategy meetings are held on the quarter and are always well attended by military leaders and staff, Legislators and staff, industry, academia and stakeholders. The P&G 2.0 Community Discussions will highlight the efforts of partners from around the state that contribute to fulfilling the state’s strategic plan for the defense, aerospace, and homeland security economy.

During the meeting, MDC Executive Director, Vicki Selva, announced the new impressive 2019 economic impact numbers for the state of Michigan:

“Since we implemented Protect and Grow in 2016, Michigan has been experiencing unprecedented growth in contracts, gross regional product and employment numbers associated with the DoD and DHS.” Said Selva. “Although it is hard to predict what 2020 numbers will look like, we don’t expect to see the same type of economic devastation in this sector that other parts of the economy will experience as defense was an essential service, the federal defense dollars continue to flow during this crisis and Michigan companies will benefit from the re-shoring efforts that will now take place.”

  • 14,270 Michigan Companies Registered to do Defense
  • 155,000 defense-related jobs
  • $12.7 Billion in Personal Income
  • $13.4 Billion in Gross Regional Product
  • $24 Billion in overall Activity for Defense in Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer kicked off the meeting with her remarks to the Defense Industry here in Michigan.  State Senator MacDonald followed to share the progress his Legislative Defense Caucus is making to support P&G 2.0 and the Associations that make up an important part of the state’s stakeholders.

The MDC would like to thank Governor Whitmer, State Senator MacDonald, MG Rogers and all of the other partners for their support of Michigan’s Defense Community and the Michigan Defense Center. 

With over 130 partners and businesses registered for the event, The MDC was able to share the ongoing projects our partners are implementing to strengthen the state. A Q&A break out session following the event hosted more than 25 participants who engaged directly with the presenters and MDC experts in congressional and Pentagon actions and economic impact.

If you would like to watch the meeting to learn about these projects, click here.

This quarter’s presenters and highlights:
Vicki Selva, Executive Director, Michigan Defense Center
—Protect and Grow 2.0 Briefing, program, and project announcements
Dustin Frigy, Resource Program Manager
—Announcement: Cybersecurity Compliance Program
Major General Paul D. Rogers, Adjutant General, Michigan National Guard
—The future of the Michigan National Guard
Cynthia Hutchison, Vice President, Automation Alley
—Industry 4.0 and the “New Normal”
Jim McBryde, President and CEO, Middle Michigan Development Corporation
—Industry 4.0 Rapid Response, Workforce Development Pilot Projects for Defense
Vicky Rad, Director, Department of Planning and Economic Development
—Macomb County Robotics Collaboration and Innovation Center

“We are builders and makers, and pivot to defense during this time with COVID” – Jim McBryde, President and CEO, Middle Michigan Development Corporation