The MDC and DMVA synchronized their efforts in developing the state’s defense ecosystem by aligning their respective strategic plans in 2019. Nesting strategic objectives in each plan provides a shared understanding and sets conditions for powerful partnerships with elected leaders and members of the defense industry. The MDC and DMVA partnership increases resources and support for the DMVA while supporting the Governor’s priority of economic development in Michigan.

  • DMVA Strategic Objective 2.3: Partner with MDC to market DMVA assets, obtain new missions, and obtain additional resources.
  • MDC Strategic Objective 8: Partner with DMVA to Connect the Military Enterprise and Defense Industry

In 2020 the Michigan Defense Center continued their efforts in securing new missions in partnership with the DMVA. Increasing military missions creates more jobs and attracts companies to grow Michigan’s defense economy. The MDC and DMVA collaborated on the following initiatives:

  • Proposal to host the new Space Command Headquarters at Selfridge
    • Impact: increases military and DoD civilian jobs, and attracts companies in the space sector to the state

While the City of Sterling Heights was ultimately not selected for the Space Command Headquarters, the pursuit of that mission and the assets highlighted in the submission lets DoD and Space Force know that Michigan is collaborative, hungry for new missions and has the talent, industry and facilities to support DoD objectives. Partnering on such a large proposal has strengthened the relationship between the MDC and DMVA.  Michigan stands ready and is looking forward to pursuing more missions in the future.

  • Proposal to become the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) training site for F-16s and F-35s at Selfridge
    • Impact: increases military and DoD civilian jobs, and attracts companies in the defense aerospace sector to the state

This exciting mission is at the heart of Michigan’s pursuit of increased DoD investment. Partnering with DMVA to showcase Michigan to the Air Force continues to show our ability to help DoD meet their needs.

  • Established the Kelly Johnson All-Domain Innovation Center (KJADIC) at Selfridge ANG Base
    • Impact: facilitates collaboration between the military, industry, and academia to develop emerging technologies in the air, land, sea, and space domains

The MDC is proud to support this opportunity to engage industry, academia and the military to provide solutions to the most challenging problems. Stay tuned for more information as this mission launches!