Every year, billions of dollars in defense contracts are awarded.

With our help, your company could realize the potential of defense work.



Michigan Talent

  • Michigan’s close ties to the defense industry, secured by Macomb County’s Defense Corridor, create a spinoff effect: the more the region is awarded and known for defense work, the more top-notch talent is attracted to the region.

  • Michigan’s economy benefits from a clearer pathway to grow with the defense industry, a pillar of the state’s economy. Our workforce is made stronger with the university research centers and programs that advance engineering and sciences in the region.

  • There are many parallels between what the defense industry needs and what Michigan’s workforce can deliver, including solutions for improved fuel economy, increased vehicle safety and efficiencies required by budget restrictions. Innovation is a forefront requirement, and Michigan is poised to deliver.


  • 70% of everything a soldier shoots, drives, flies, wears, eats or communicates with is contracted in Michigan.

  • Those working in Michigan’s defense industry are doing this work to support the men and women serving in our nation’s armed forces—to equip them for their work, and bring them safely home again.

  • To ensure their safe return, our nation’s warfighters require cutting-edge ground combat, automotive, marine and armaments technologies, all innovatively designed for their protection.

  • The brave men and women who serve in the armed forces are a key element to growing Michigan’s defense expertise. We are dedicated to helping veterans find career placements or contracts.


Close proximity to contracting agencies and resources results in a low cost of doing business.

From bid to execution, we're here to help

The Michigan Defense Center (MDC) provides resources and guidance to Michigan-based businesses to secure defense contracting opportunities to create jobs and increase Michigan’s share of defense business.

The MDC will accomplish this growth through close collaboration, coordination and alignment with both Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) resources and other resources within the state.

With our extensive resources and experience, the MDC can help you:

  • Align your business’ skillset with defense industry needs
  • Win long-term defense contracting opportunities, no matter the size of your business
  • Expand your current defense-related contracts
  • Use our specialized Bid Targeting System

Making the right connections

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) help businesses compete in the government marketplace by providing assistance in obtaining federal, state and local government contracts. Staff at the local PTAC will help businesses register to become a government contractor and complete the bidding process, in addition to providing post-win assistance to ensure the contract can be met. If a business wants to get involved in the defense industry in Michigan, it is imperative that they involve their local PTAC; it would be next-to-impossible to do business in this industry without this step. Even global defense firms such as BAE remain close with their local PTAC to facilitate the defense contracts they have been awarded.

Supporting your growth

Partner organizations serve as a resource for a spectrum of defense businesses, from both start-up entrepreneurs to long-standing prime contractors. Our state is rich with support, from PTACs to business incubators, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and associations. These organizations work together to accelerate business growth and development by providing entrepreneurial resources, business solutions and proactive support to businesses at every stage.


Throughout the many stages of securing a defense contract, we have processes and partners in place to help you prepare for, receive and maintain the work.

Bid Tracking System

The MDC is your best ally when it comes to determining the best contracts to bid on. Our new Bid Tracking System will provide business intelligence support to help companies better assess which contracting opportunities to pursue, as well as keep track of the status of current and past bids.

Your partner in bidding -- and winning
  • Register for our new bid tracking system
  • Browse opportunities that are a good match for your company's skillset
  • Keep track of dates and milestones through the system
  • Pull key data when reports are needed
  • Be alerted immediately when new opportunities arise